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Highly recommended trainsway ZH620L economic semi-automatic swing arm with left auxiliary arm tire changer
Author:trainsway| 发布时间:2019-11-29

With the rapid development of the automobile industry in China, brands and models are launched on the market according to the needs of different owners. This is facing different tires for different models. Especially when the car is not only used as a travel tool for daily travel, the owner also has higher requirements for the quality and shape of the tire. So the question comes. Faced with the disassembly of some flat tires and explosion-proof tires, should the repair shop consider some new equipment? Then I recommend an economical semi-automatic side swing arm tire changer with left auxiliary arm.

tire changer

This tire changer has a rim size of 10 "-22", a maximum wheel width of 13 "(330 mm), an operating pressure of 8-10bar, and a noise of <70 dB. It is characterized by an automatic tire disassembly device, eliminating the need for a crowbar to save Time-saving and labor-saving; standard configuration gas spring, pneumatically controlled hexagonal shaft lifting, easy to operate; automatic tire lifting device, saving time and effort; the operator can synchronize the tires by up and down the placenta, which is convenient for operation; the assistant has the function of shifting the shovel to make the shovel It is easier to separate the tire from the rim; saving time when disassembling and disassembling the tire; suitable for disassembling and disassembling flat tire and flat tire.