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Tips for removing tires from tire changers.
Author:trainsway| 发布时间:2019-11-20

Tire changers are used to install and unload car tires and can be used to change tires for different vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and heavy trucks. As an indispensable equipment for auto repair shops and 4S stores, are technicians all operating specifications? In addition to professional operational knowledge, how to deal with some problems in actual work? So today, let's take a look at the tips of tire changers to remove tires.

Tire changers

1、For soft and thin tires, but the top rubber is good: when using the air shovel to shovel the tire, you can lift the air shovel control pedal slightly, while pushing the tire in, confirm the shovel contact with the tire mouth, and then use the leg or true Hold your hand against it, prevent the tires from returning, and then step on the control pedal. It is easier to shovel the tires.

2、For tires with harder tires: When disassembling the tires with a tire changer, you can use the spring steel plate of the car, and make the long crowbar to the bird's head. It is easier to use. When lifting the tire, press the tire belly with both hands, about 200mm, when the tire mouth is in the * tight position, use the right arm elbow to force the tire belly, while the left hand pushes the tire clockwise to prevent the motor and the triangle from slipping. It also protects the motor very well.

3、For tires that run for a long time: the tires are subjected to internal air pressure for a long time, and the heat generated by the tires rubbing against the ground causes the tires to bond with the steel rings. When the shovel is difficult to shovel, you can choose to dissolve the detergent in the water. Use a small brush to brush some solution on the bead and the steel ring. After the solution penetrates into the gap between the bead and the steel ring, use the air shovel. Shovel the tires.

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