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Tips for the purchase of tire changer
Author:trainsway| 发布时间:2019-11-23

Tire changers are used to install and unload car tires. In the past, in some auto repair shops, only a large wrench, plus a large basin filled with water, and a heavy-duty repairman, basically completed the tire replacement. Nowadays, with the car becoming an indispensable means of transportation, the repair of small workshops with minor repairs can no longer meet the needs of car owners for car maintenance. With the rise of automobile 4S stores and the emergence of large and medium-sized repair shops, tire changers have become necessary equipment for tire replacement and maintenance.

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Before purchasing a tire changer, should you do your homework? We gives you a little trick.

 1. Check the rated power of the motor. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the more stable the operation. The power of ordinary motors is more than 1000W. When purchasing, it is recommended that you remove the side cover and check the power supply. It is desirable to have no significant sloshing and low noise when the motor is in operation.

2. Deceleration is a device speed, while reducing the transmission power of the tire changer. The speed of a common AC motor exceeds 100 rpm. Therefore, the speed must be reduced to about 100 rpm, resulting in a normal change function. The alloy consists of majorly reducers, so it produces less noise and better balance.

3, the quality of the tire change head also directly affects the quality of the tire changer. Made of high-quality steel, it has a scientific curve design so that its shape will not change even after a long period of use. In addition, it can smoothly install and disassemble tires and tire protection without damaging the tire rim. In contrast, the low-quality head does not have a scientific curve design that will make installation and disassembly difficult and change the shape of the tire, which is rough after several times. They also scratch the tires and tire rims easily. You should check the quality of the head and buy the assembled and disassembled tires on the spot.